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"We must maintain emotional control during the process of starting a business. The future of your business is relying on your ability to manage your emotions. " 

- Kindra Dionne

The book is only $14.99 and you can purchase your signed copies right now!

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Kindra Dionne
Author | Consultant | Speaker


Conquering the Emotional Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship is filled with thrilling plot twists and practical pivot tips that will empower you to grow! Are you frustrated with the endless cycle of investing your precious time, creative energy, and hard-earned dollars into creating a business that you build but never actually launch? The practical process of starting a business is not the problem. It is so easy to blame people, procedures, and other challenges as the primary reason for yet another failure to launch. What if I told you that it is deeper than that? What if the biggest barrier to the successful launch of your business is hidden in the way you think and how you truly feel about entrepreneurship? This eye-opening book reveals the role that your thoughts and emotions play in starting your business. We will explore new ways to create business momentum, through the conversion of emotional energy. We will reveal the blueprints of the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship so that you can finally conquer it and get growing.


This is officially the last time that you will say
“One Day I Will Start A Business.”


I am thrilled to share my exciting news with you: I am a co-author in a transformational new book called, COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO LAUNCH. The book is a compelling compilation of 47 dynamic business women's unique stories and top strategies for facing the fear of starting their own businesses but DOING IT ANYWAY… and now they're operating thriving, profitable businesses. This book is a blueprint for other women and men to take their big dreams and start executing!!


I know how significant this book will be in nurturing a new wave of passionate business owners, and I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible!


The book is only $20 and you can purchase your signed copies right now!

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